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The YMCA & MPE Easter Football School. WED 13th April to FRI 15th April.

The Maidstone YMCA and MPE FC are running a football school in the Spring half term for all kids between 6 and 14 years old. For only £15 per day between 9.30 am and 3.00 pm or £40 for all three days we can wear your kids out playing in football tournaments all day at the wonderful facility that is the YMCA in Loose. 

What's available at the YMCA football school?


Food packages will be available on the day if booked in advance such as pizza or sandwiches or you can just bring your own packed lunch along.

Early drop off?

We know that it can be tricky when you have work to get to, it so how about before, the soccer school starts, you can drop off your child from 7.30 AM so they can play in the supervised YMCA sports hall or on the 3G pitches. All for just £3  per day extra.


The football school will only stock and sell water to the children at 50 pence per bottle throughout the day, none of that fizzy rubbish. You can even choose a pre-paid "drink as much water as you like" option for £3 per day.

Football Costs

For just £15 per day or £40 for all three days, your day child will be able to take part in organised football tournaments with winners each day and player of the week awards in all age groups.

Rules of the Day.

All players must be on their best behaviour and our trainers reserve the right to ask any player to leave the soccer school and will contact their parents to come and collect their child if they feel it necessary without any refund. The football school will be focused on all children, regardless of ability, to have fun and players will be put into groups of equal ability as much as we can. Players of the day/week will be chosen not only for their football ability but also their leadership skills, compassion towards others, behaviour, teamwork and ability to learn and develop.


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